Greetings Turner! Needless to say, this has been a very strange period of time for everyone. Even still, we are blessed with the opportunity to go out, play the game we love and represent our wonderful community. Below you will find information about our program and season.



We will use football as a vehicle to allow for the growth and development of young men. Much will be required from these young men. And we will give them to tools needed to raise up and meet these high expectations on and off the field.



The main form of communication (outside of practice) will take place on a mobile app called BAND. All of our players should already have this downloaded and set up. Here we will be sharing any immediate updates (practice details, meeting times/locations ect.). Staying on theme with our mission to develop responsible young men, I expect that our young men will communicate/relay information to you so that proper arrangements can be made. I understand that there will be some mishaps with this approach, but in the long run this will be more beneficial to the overall growth and development of our young men.


I will be able to answer questions you may have via email, but if it a topic already discussed with our athletes, I will refer you back you your athlete to answer your question.


In summary


Athlete expectation – Regularly check BAND for updates and communications, share that information with parents.


Parent expectation – Check in daily with your athletes for updates.



Monday and Tuesday’s, we will be practicing at Waterfall park. I realize that this is an odd thing to do but we must stay in compliance with WyCo’s mandate. We are not allowed to practice tackling, blocking, ect inside the WyCo.


Wednesday and Thursday’s, we will be practicing at Turner High School.


At the latest, athletes will be ready for pickup at 6:20pm



We expect ALL of our young men to be at ALL of our practices and meetings. I understand that there will be things that come up from time to time. But if absences occur regularly regardless of the reason, that will have a negative impact on an athlete’s playing time. If an absence is unavoidable, have your athlete communicate with their coach ASAP. Practice is the time where we install our gameplan and dial in on our technique. If practice is missed, we can’t expect our young men to perform well on gameday, and their playing time will reflect that. Commitment and diligence is key.



As of now we have four (4) games on our schedule. Athletes will be given two (2) tickets for each game in order to allow space for social distancing.  Tickets will be given to athletes the Wednesday before the game. Games are subject to change; I will notify our athletes if anything were to change.


Bus transportation times will be confirmed shortly. Athletes are expected to ride the bus to and from games.


Sept 19th @ SM North – 11am

Sept 25th – OPEN (Searching for a game)

Oct 2nd @ Atchison – 6pm

Oct 9th @ Leavenworth – 6pm

Oct 23rd @ Shawnee Heights – 6pm



As we all know, grades are an extremely important part of being a student athlete. With that being said, if an athlete is failing a class; that athlete will not be allowed to participate in any games until that grade becomes a passing grade. I understand that this is not a typical school year, but that does not mean that it is acceptable for any student to fail any class. Through the school and football staff, student athletes have the needed resources to be successful in the classroom. If you feel that your student athlete does not have what they need, do not hesitate to reach out to the school office and make the proper arrangements.




Our fundraising this year will be donation based. The money raised will include paying for:

  • Team meals
  • Team shorts and shirts
  • Practice equipment (Blocking sled, hand shields, ect.)
  • Updating helmets, shoulder pads, and leg pads

To help us raise money, you can donate by visiting the website. Go to the football page, and click the donate tab. Then select the amount you would like to donate.


You can also share this info with others you think would donate to us buy following the directions listed here.





  1. Search ‘RallyAroundUs’ in your App store and download the free mobile app
  2. Open the app and click ‘Create An Account ‘and click ‘Get Started’
  3. When prompted, Select ‘Team Member’
  4. Create account using Player Name, Birthday, Phone Number and Email
  5. When prompted, enter Campaign ID: Football671
  6. When prompted, hit ‘Allow’ for RallyAroundUs to have access to your contacts
  7. Your contacts will populate into a checklist – go through contacts and select your prepared contacts (they will have a blue check mark next to them)
  8. When ALL of your prepared contacts are selected, hit the green ‘Submit‘ button (please be patient as this might take up to a minute)


*If athletes wish to add more contacts, click “My Account” and then “Add/Edit Contacts”




For any who are willing, we would LOVE to have parents provide team meals or help serve them. If you are interested, please reach out and let me know and we will get you the details.


After checking in with your athletes, if you have any additional questions or would like to volunteer to provide team meals. I can be reached at


Thank you for your love and support!!


Coach Franklin